Mustard Maker G.S. Dunn Installs Dialight Durosite LED High Bay Fixtures (Video)

Jul 12, 2010 G.S. Dunn quality control and inspection facility in Hamilton, Ontario replaced 18 of its 450W metal halide units with Dialight’s DuroSite LED High Bay fixtures.

EKTA’s LED Display Greeted Visitors at the UEFA Europa League Final

Jun 10, 2010 EKTA’s iLVM 6C bf LED display - with 6-mm real pixel pitch and enhanced contrast ratio - was used during the inaugural UEFA Europa League final with Club Atlético de Madrid triumphant against Fulham FC. The circular, 1.9 m high and 4 m in diameter, LED display was installed suspended from the ceiling in the entry to the Platinum Lounge of the Hamburg Arena Stadium. This rental project was carried out by EKTA Vision GmbH, EKTA’s representative in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

ALT launches LED promotion campaign at Photonics Festival

Jun 10, 2010 Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), a leading global manufacturer of high power LED lighting products, launched “Donate USD$1, Save the Earth” campaign during Photonics Festival in Taiwan, offering its award-winning LED lighting product – Aurora MR16 with USD$1 per piece!

Matrix Lighting will showcase VIRIBRIGHT LED lamps at NeoCon Trade Fair

Jun 10, 2010 Matrix Lighting Inc will be showcasing the newly designed 5W LED Light Bulb as well the new LED T8 Tubes at NeoCon World's Trade Fair 2010 (June 14 - 16, 2010, Chicago, USA).

Everlight, LG, and Amtran form LED packaging joint venture

Jun 10, 2010 Everlight Electronics has announced its intention to launch a new company focused on LEDs for TV backlights with partners LG Display and Amtran Technology. The joint venture will be capitalized with $30 million, will be based in WeJiang City, JiangSu Province, China, and plans to start mass production by year's end.

Epistar expands with Huga investment and Win Semiconductor partnership

Jun 10, 2010 The leading Taiwanese LED chip maker Epistar will invest in and partner with Huga Optotech. Epistar will become Huga's largest shareholder and Win Semiconductor will also invest in Huga.

GE retrofit LED lamp wins Energy Saving Trust approval

Jun 10, 2010 A 4-watt GU10 LED from GE Lighting is the first retrofit LED lamp to gain approval by the UK's Energy Saving Trust's product certification scheme. The lamp is now permitted to carry a Recommended label, allowing costumers to recognize energy-efficient products.

DOE recommends new approach to LED luminaire lifetime ratings

Jun 10, 2010 The DOE has published a new recommendation for testing and reporting LED luminaire lifetime that accounts both for failure attributable to declining light output or lumen maintenance, and to catastrophic failure of the luminaire.

Chroma-Q LEDs Provide Effective Visuals for Eurovision Song Contest Oslo 2010

Jun 5, 2010 Lighting designer Al Gurdon specified nearly 1,900 Chroma-Q LED fixtures to provide a stunning lighting and video effects wall forming the centrepiece of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

Ledium designs new micro LED spotlamps with Luxeon Rebel LEDs

Jun 5, 2010 The Ledium Morino has launched a new line of LED spot lamp with the new generation Luxeon Rebels. The lamp is made from solid anodized aluminium and could be rotated by 180 degrees.

Fairchild Semiconductor's LED Drivers for Mobile Handsets

Jun 5, 2010 Fairchild Semiconductor introduces two LED drivers, FAN5701 and FAN5702 which deliver 92 percent peak efficiency and are designed for mobile handsets, gaming devices, MP3 players and other small display applications.

Zenaro Announces a New Electronic Power Supply Series Designed for LED Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

Jun 2, 2010 Zenaro Lighting Alliance introduces a new line of electronic power supplies specially designed for LED indoor/outdoor lighting applications.

Ringdale and Sojitz Partner on LED Luminaires for the Japanese Market

Jun 2, 2010 Ringdale, based in Austin, TX, has signed an exclusive licensing, manufacturing, and distribution contract with Sojitz Systems that covers the region of Japan. Sojitz will manufacture and sell a wide variety of indoor and outdoor solid-state-lighting (SSL) luminaires that are based on Ringdale's ActiveLED luminaire product line.

“Light Shaping Filters” From Elation Instantly Give Any LED Fixture A Wider Beam Angle

Jun 1, 2010 With new LSF Series Light Shaping Filters from Elation Professional you can smooth out or widen the beam angle of any LED fixture. Elation Light Shaping Filters attach to a gel frame or the inside of an LED's casing in minutes-- to add 10°, 20°, 30° or a linear beam shape effect to its beam angle.

Diodes Incorporated Announces a Versatile LED Driver

Jun 1, 2010 Diodes Incorporated announces a multi-topology LED driver IC designed to increase the reliability of high brightness lamps in automotive, industrial, and commercial lighting systems. The ZXLD1370 LED driver controller operates in buck, boost, and buck-boost modes. It combines patent pending control loops and high-side current sensing to ensure accurate current control of LED strings.

Everlight Introduces the New Shwo LED Lighting Series

Jun 1, 2010 Everlight Electronics introduces high power, high brightness LED package, the "Shwo" Series - powerful, bright and economic (superb $/lm) LED series in a compact ceramic package.

The Shwo series is a surface-mount high-power device featuring high brightness combined with a compact size (3.5x3.5x1.85mm) that is suitable for all kinds of lighting applications such as general illumination, flash, spot, signal, industrial and commercial lighting.

Seoul Semiconductor Signs a Sales Network Agreement with Excelpoint

Jun 1, 2010 Seoul Semiconductor, a world-leading LED manufacturer has announced signing a sales agreement with Excelpoint Technology Ltd., a total-solution company in the field of electronics headquartered in Singapore. Excelpoint will represent the products of Seoul Semiconductor, including the ultra-small high-efficiency LED products and the world’s first AC-driven LED, Acriche. Excelpoint was given the right to represent Seoul Semiconductor in Asian countries including China and India, and it is expected to be a major factor in Seoul Semiconductor increasing its presence in the Asian market.

GLT introduces its New Edge-lit LED Troffer Downlight

May 26, 2010 Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) has created a new troffer downlight that is slim, light, efficient, and can be cost effectively manufactured in high volumes. The company said that they combined its edge-lit LED light guide technology with its mass production capabilities.

QD Vision Purchases Motorola’s Quantum Dot Related Patents

May 26, 2010 QD Vision, a USA company, has purchased a patent portfolio from Motorola pertaining to the use of quantum dot technology in display and lighting products.

RODER Electronics Introduces New DL2 Series of LED Lighters

May 26, 2010 RODER Electronics presents the new DL2 series of LED lighters for direct illumination in machine vision applications, manual inspection, microscopes, optical equipment and general lighting.

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The 10th China (Shanghai) International LED Exhibition 2011
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