Cree 3Q profit increased tenfold on demand for LEDs

Apr 21, 2010 Cree (Nasdaq: CREE) unveiled fiscal third quarter GAAP net income of $44.6 million, a tenfold increase over $4 million in the year-earlier quarter. The improvement was sparked by a 78 percent increase in net revenue, to $234.1 million from $131.1 million.

Zumtobel Launches New LED Fixtures Based on Cree TrueWhite Technology

Apr 17, 2010 Cree announces that Zumtobel, a leading lighting manufacturer, has launched three new groundbreaking LED fixtures based on Cree TrueWhite Technology.

Cree’s New LED Platform Delivering 160 Lumens per Watt

Apr 17, 2010 Cree announces a new lighting-class LED platform, the XLamp® XM LED. This new single chip LED delivers record-breaking efficacy of 160 lumens per watt at 350 mA. The LED also delivers 750 lumens at 2 A, which is equivalent to the light output of a 60 W incandescent light bulb at less than 7 watts.

MEGAMAN PowerLensTM Technology

Apr 15, 2010 MEGAMAN® has developed the patented PowerLensTM technology to empower the CFL reflectors with a higher luminous intensity that fulfills the EuP requirements of ‘directional lamps’.
According to the EuP requirements, a ‘directional lamp’ has to deliver at least 80% of light output within the light cone with an angle less than 120°. Applied with the PowerLensTM, MEGAMAN® CFL reflectors have made a significant improvement in elevating the luminous intensity and narrowing the beam angle, delivering an even more focused light cone for highlighting items and decors. For example, when powered by PowerLensTM, the luminous intensity of a MEGAMAN® CFL GU10 reflector, 11W, increases by 13.6% with a beam angle reduced from 119° to 90°.

MEGAMAN LED Candle Series

Apr 15, 2010 MEGAMAN has developed the ground-breaking LED Candle Series, which resembles a point light source of incandescence to bring out the aesthetic appeal of the chandeliers and crystal fixtures.

MEGAMAN Introduced LED MR16 Reflectors

Apr 15, 2010 MEGAMAN announced the launch of a series of MR16-compatible LED reflector lamps – MEGAMAN® LED MR16 Reflectors.

Avago’s 3-Watt High Power LED Emitters in Ultra-Small Package

Apr 14, 2010 Avago Technologies announced energy efficient 3-Watt (3W) miniature high power LEDs for use in a wide range of solid-state lighting applications. With dimensions of 5 mm by 4 mm by 1.85 mm thick, Avago’s compact 3W ASMT-Jx32 is packaged in a 6-leaded small outline package (SOP) and capable of being driven to up to 700 mA to provide high flux output performance. By delivering a high flux output of a minimum of 100 lumens (lm) at 350mA driving current, this new 3W LED emitter is ideal for safety exit and emergency lighting, portable lighting applications, street lighting, residential lighting, task lighting, and other solid-state lighting applications requiring high flux output performance.

Traxon and AGC Cooperate to Launch High-quality LED Glass Solutions

Apr 14, 2010 Traxon Technologies and AGC, a glass manufacturer, announced a strategic alliance to launch innovative high quality LED glass solutions, globally. New high-quality LED glass (Glassiled) is a unique way to light up the glass to create an unprecedented visual experience while keeping full transparency. This innovative high-quality LED glass (Glassiled) is the ideal solution for architectural, façades, retails shops, and hospitality sectors.

New 10W, 1000lm LED Bulb From Tess

Apr 12, 2010 Tess (Topco energy saving system corp.), a leading LED lighting developer and manufacturer in Taiwan, today announces its 10W/1,000lm LED bulb designed with CREE inside.

The latest Tess 10W/1,000lm LED bulb delivers luminous efficiency of 100lm/W, which is the most updated standard of the world and can replace 100W incandescent bulb with lifetime up to 10,000 hours. Most 10W LED bulb found in market provides luminous efficiency between 60 to 80lm/W. Tess brings forth world’s first LED bulb with the highest 100lm/W luminous efficiency and therefore sets a new standard for lighting.

OSRAM Highly Efficient Streetlamps

Apr 9, 2010 iGuzzini designs OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LEDs into highly efficient streetlamps
New Archilede, iGuzzini by ENEL Sole, street luminaire shine with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ Golden Dragon Plus LEDs with a color temperature of 6,000K.  The color rendering of the LEDs provides a natural color impression. Due to their directional nature, LEDs eliminate stray light and reduce overall light pollution. In additional to their high efficiency this LED also provides long life (between 60,000 and 100,000 hours depending on operating conditions).The Archilede has been designed for use on any type of roadway.

T8 Substitube From OSRAM

Apr 9, 2010 OSRAM provides a long-lasting LED alternative to T8 fluorescent lamps. T8 fluorescent lamps with conventional control gear are still used in many areas but OSRAM is the first major lighting manufacturer to develop a solution to replace them with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lamps.

The Sirius Premium Torch From OSRAM

Apr 9, 2010 OSRAM presents the new range of LED torches - the Sirius premium torch. The German answer to the American Maglite has a strikingly elegant silver aluminum casing and top-quality Golden Dragon Plus LEDs. The torches really live up to their name thanks to these really bright, long-life LEDs from OSRAM.

OSRAM Presents New LED Torches

Apr 9, 2010 OSRAM is now launching the latest LED light sensation for all fans of the great outdoors. Four tube-shaped LED torches (Crosser micro, small, medium and large) are presented to all nighttime sports fans.

New OSRAM’s LED module achieves 122lm/W efficiency

Apr 9, 2010 OSRAM’s recently developed LED light engines manage the balancing act between maximum efficiency and light quality – with a light output of 122lm/W they achieve a new maximum with excellent colour reproduction (CRI >90, 2,700K).

Illumitex Unveils Aduro™ Series of High Power LEDs

Apr 8, 2010 Illumitex, Inc.revealed the Aduro™ series of packaged LEDs. The Aduro series transforms LED lighting design by emitting uniform, narrow-beam white light without the need for expensive, inefficient secondary optics.

Cree Launches New Screen Master® 4mm LEDs

Apr 7, 2010 Cree announces commercial availability of the new C4SMK family of red, green and blue 4mm oval LEDs. These additions to the Screen Master® Cree LED series deliver the widest viewing angles available in the market today along with tightly-matched radiation patterns for video screen applications.

New Cree LED Module Product Line

Apr 7, 2010 Cree introduces a new line of LED module products designed to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting by traditional lighting fixture manufacturers and speed time-to-market for their new LED-based fixtures.

Philips Vari-Lite VLX Wash Luminaire Now Shipping

Apr 6, 2010 Philips Vari-Lite announced that the innovative VARI*LITE® VLX™ Wash automated luminaire is now shipping. The VLX Wash luminaire incorporates all the benefits of virtually maintenance-free LED lighting technology with the best visual performance characteristics of a tungsten lamp source.

Avago LED Lamps for Electronic Sign Applications

Apr 5, 2010 Avago Technologies announced the industry’s first surface mount technology (SMT) high brightness oval and round LED lamps for use in outdoor and indoor electronic sign applications. Available in Amber, Red, Green and Blue colors, Avago’s round ALMD-xx3D and oval ALMD-Lx36 LED lamps target manufacturers of full color and monochrome traffic signs, highway variable message signs, gas station price signs, and full color video wall applications used for advertising.

Philips OLED Mirror Wall Priced at $15K/sq. meter (Video)

Feb 25, 2010 Using the Lumiblade OLED panels and a camera designers created a low resolution mirror screen.

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Lighting Japan: 4th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo Lighting Japan: 4th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo
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The 10th China (Shanghai) International LED Exhibition 2011
The 10th China (Shanghai) International LED Exhibition Will be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention& Exhibition Center from Dec. 20th and Dec. 22nd of 2011, where buyers at home and abroad will attnd and well-known companies of the industry will present.

Forum LED Europe Forum LED Europe
For the third consecutive year ForumLED Europe, international congress and exhibition focusing on LED innovations will bring together the key player of the LED sector and the leading companies in the industry.

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A nice illustration of the relevance of color temperature provided by Lighting Science Group.

Dimmable LED Lighting Made Easy with National Semiconductor, Arrow, and Cree 11/27/2009 Dimmable LED Lighting Made Easy with National Semiconductor, Arrow, and Cree
Designers of lighting systems have had a challenging time dimming every light source technology developed beyond the filament-based lamp. Dimming is critical in many applications because it allows the setting of an appropriate and desired level of light as well as significant energy savings.

Efficient LED  Headlights even more important for electric cars 10/27/2009 Efficient LED Headlights even more important for electric cars
Osram’s LED technology will contribute to the energy efficiency of Volkswagen’s L1 concept car, which according to Volkswagen can go into production in 2013, has headlights that are equipped with new Osram Joule JFL2 LED systems and matching reflectors.

Elimination of Binning and Enhanced CCT Control 09/15/2009 Elimination of Binning and Enhanced CCT Control
Enfis has developed a patented vari-CCT technology that enables tuneable white light of very high CRI guaranteed to be controlled to within tight CCT limits.

09/09/2009 The Appropriateness and Effects of Color Rendering in Outdoor Illumination Applications
Few topics have been more confusing than color rendering, and with the rapid advancement of power LEDs in lighting applications, it’s clear that there’s much work to be done and that the specification community should take care in approaching the subject.

08/27/2009 Celsia helps keeping LED lights cool
Celsia NanoSpreaders were developed with one simple goal in mind: cool today's silicon chips, LEDs, LCDs, and other electronic components better than any other technology in its price band.

07/29/2009 Selling LEDs: The Time is Now
A new survey on the adoption of LED lighting in the marketplace shows that full-line electrical distributors and lighting specialists are already starting to play major roles in the sale and marketing of LED lighting products to end users.

06/29/2009 Illuminance - recommended light levels
Recommended light levels - illuminance - for some common types of working activities.

Preview: Molex Transcend RM2 and PM3 LED modules 06/26/2009 Preview: Molex Transcend RM2 and PM3 LED modules
Transcend is a line of self-contained, pluggable light modules based on the Acriche 4W AC LED from Seoul Semiconductor.

04/03/2009 Common LED Types and Packages
Diagrams of typical LED structures shown. Difference between "conventional" and high power LED explained.

03/18/2009 Candela to lumen conversion wizard
This calculator allows you to do an approximate conversion between millicandelas (or candelas) and lumens for an LED where you know the beam angle.

Review: Ledfolio PaneLux 2x2 01/12/2009 Review: Ledfolio PaneLux 2x2
The paneLux is the flagship product of LED folio. It was designed to replace standard 2' x 2' fluorescent fixtures in office buildings. Brilliant idea. The result, however, is a bit controversial.

Comparison: Edixeon Federal vs. Luxeon Rebel vs. Cree XP-E LEDs 12/02/2008 Comparison: Edixeon Federal vs. Luxeon Rebel vs. Cree XP-E LEDs
Edison Opto have launched a new series of super compact high brightness LEDs: Edixeon Federal. Brief glance at the specs and pictures makes it obvious: Luxeon Rebel now have one more competitor.

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