Cree to issue 11 million shares at $35.5 to fund future investments

Sep 14, 2009 Last week Cree, Inc.(NASDAQ: CREE) made two announcements that the public offering of 11 million shares of its common stock will be priced at $35.50 per share for gross proceeds of $390.5 million.

Carmanah announced EverGEN 1710 solar-powered LED area light

Sep 13, 2009 EverGEN 1710 solar-powered area light is designed as a compact stand-alone lighting alternative for off-grid parking lots and other municipal, commercial or industrial areas.

Panasonic debuts 85 lm/W dimmable LED light bulbs

Sep 10, 2009 The standard type LDA7D-A1 LED bulb, which produces the brightness equivalent to a 40 W incandescent lamp when used without fixtures, has luminous efficiency of 82.6 lm/W and LDA4D-A1, which produces the brightness equivalent to a 30 W incandescent lamp, has luminous efficiency of 85.0 lm/W.

Mitsubishi Chemicals orders AIXTRON MOCVD tool for white HB-LEDs

Sep 10, 2009 The MOCVD tool is to be delivered in the 42x2 inch wafer configuration and will be used for the production of InGaN-based white UHB LEDs.

Oslon MX ECE for automotive applications

Sep 10, 2009 As a high-power ceramic component the Oslon MX ECE is positioned between the Advanced Power TopLED and the Golden Dragon. It is intended for the front light clusters of mid-range vehicles – mainly as daytime running lights.

Traxon's IP66 wall washer series for demanding environments

Sep 9, 2009 Traxon Technologies announced Shield XB range, suitable for extreme environments like snow, ice, and desert heat as well as heavy rain.

Luxeon Altilon delivers 850 lm and 60 MNits at 1000mA for automotive lighting

Sep 8, 2009 LUXEON Altilon is engineered to simplify optical design and tested to withstand extreme temperatures required for high and low beam forward lighting, daytime running lights, static bending lights, and position lamps.  

LedEngin announced 5W Far Red LED for horticultural grow lights

Sep 8, 2009 LedEngin Far Red LEDs add to the current portfolio of Red (635nm), Deep Red (660nm) and Blue (460nm) LEDs for horticultural grow lights.

Lack of supply threatens LED market

Sep 7, 2009 The lack of supply has been extending widely in the LED market. It began in wafer, chips and equipment. Now, it extends to packaging businesses.

Epistar achieves 80 lm/W warm white LED and expects to reach 100 lm/W in Q4 of 2009

Sep 7, 2009 Epistar has demonstrated a white light LED with CRI of 80, CCT at 3000K and efficacy equal to 80 lm/W.

Cinemin Swivel pico projector designed to work with iPhone

Sep 7, 2009 The Cinemin Swivel portable multimedia pico projector is powered by TI’s DLP Technology and designed to work with handheld devices like Apple’s popular iPod and iPhone.

LG HS200 DLP projector with LED lamp

Sep 4, 2009 LG HS200 is a compact lightweight DLP projector with LED lamp. The LED lamp is rated for up to 30,000 hours.

Project: 10 Portuguese cities installed Luxeon based street lights

Sep 4, 2009 EnergiaViva has completed installations of the new UrbanLED street light in ten Portuguese cities.  20 additional cities are expected to complete installations this fall.

Project: Greggs Bakery, UK lit entirely by LEDs

Sep 3, 2009 Greggs Plc, the UK’s leading bakery retailer, is believed to be the first retailer in Europe to light the sales area of its store entirely with LED light sources, designed and supplied by Philips Lighting, at its new concept store in Bromley, Kent.

CeramCool heatsinks with metallization eliminate need for PCB

Sep 2, 2009 The possibility of metallization makes the whole surface of the heat-sink useable as a circuit carrier which can be firmly packed with LEDs and drivers on customized circuit layouts – while providing reliable electrical insulation.

CRI 95 achieved on OptoDrive modules

Sep 1, 2009 OptoDrive modules have achieved CRI Ra above 95 in an independent spectral distribution test performed by the Swedish national test institute, SP.

New DOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium

Sep 1, 2009 The Consortium will collect, analyze, and share technical information and experiences related to LED street lighting demonstrations

DOE Announces $6.4 Million for Solid-State Lighting Research

Aug 27, 2009 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Steven Chu today announced the investment of up to $6.4 million, including $4.6 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, for four projects designed to advance research and development of next generation high-efficiency lighting.

Osram's compact Oslon LX LEDs for LCD displays

Aug 27, 2009 Measuring just 3 x 3 x 1.6 mm, Oslon LX  1W LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors provide strong light that can be very efficiently injected into thin light guides with the aid of an optimized lens.

Acriche 4 AC warm white LED with 75 lm/W efficacy

Aug 26, 2009 Today Seoul Semiconductor announced a new Acriche device, the A4–AC LED. The Acriche 4 devices have a color temperature of 3000K and include multiple new technologies that provide excellent efficiency of 75 lm/W with a high CRI of 85.

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Lighting Japan: 4th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo Lighting Japan: 4th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo
LIGHTING JAPAN-4th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo covers all the LED/OLED lighting products/technologies from materials/components, manufacturing equipment to lighting fixtures.

The 10th China (Shanghai) International LED Exhibition 2011
The 10th China (Shanghai) International LED Exhibition Will be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention& Exhibition Center from Dec. 20th and Dec. 22nd of 2011, where buyers at home and abroad will attnd and well-known companies of the industry will present.

Forum LED Europe Forum LED Europe
For the third consecutive year ForumLED Europe, international congress and exhibition focusing on LED innovations will bring together the key player of the LED sector and the leading companies in the industry.

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LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Rebel ES Assembly and Handling 09/22/2011 LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Rebel ES Assembly and Handling
A very handy paper from Philips Lumileds detailing recommended board designs and assembly procedures for LUXEON® Rebel LEDs and highly efficient LUXEON Rebel ES* LEDs (part # LXML-PWN2 and LXML-PWC2).

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) Chart 09/19/2011 Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) Chart
A nice illustration of the relevance of color temperature provided by Lighting Science Group.

Dimmable LED Lighting Made Easy with National Semiconductor, Arrow, and Cree 11/27/2009 Dimmable LED Lighting Made Easy with National Semiconductor, Arrow, and Cree
Designers of lighting systems have had a challenging time dimming every light source technology developed beyond the filament-based lamp. Dimming is critical in many applications because it allows the setting of an appropriate and desired level of light as well as significant energy savings.

Efficient LED  Headlights even more important for electric cars 10/27/2009 Efficient LED Headlights even more important for electric cars
Osram’s LED technology will contribute to the energy efficiency of Volkswagen’s L1 concept car, which according to Volkswagen can go into production in 2013, has headlights that are equipped with new Osram Joule JFL2 LED systems and matching reflectors.

Elimination of Binning and Enhanced CCT Control 09/15/2009 Elimination of Binning and Enhanced CCT Control
Enfis has developed a patented vari-CCT technology that enables tuneable white light of very high CRI guaranteed to be controlled to within tight CCT limits.

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