my first blog

my first blog

I am completely new in this world of “blog”, I never read them, I of course never wrote any, and in fact I even don’t know what it really is… And that’s exactly the reason why I decided to accept this challenge (Yaroslav, thank you for this opportunity!).

My name is Elie Meimoun, I am a physicist (does “electro-optical architect” sound better?), and my hobbies are 3D CAD optical design (in other words everything except standard lens design), plastic optics, illumination technologies, and …… LEDs.

I grew up in France and have a diploma of “Physics Engineer” from “Ecole Centrale de Marseille”. After my military service near Verdun (a really depressing place), I decided to emigrate to Jerusalem.
With such background, you will probably forgive me for my low-level English. You will not be able to correct my heavy accent, but you are invited to correct the grammar.

I asked Yaroslav to let me write an “educational blog”. This is a kind of “back to basics” about LEDs and their interfaces with the surrounding (optics, thermal, driving….). I am open to any comment and question.

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