Ideal press release as I see it

Ideal press release as I see it

Recently Honeywell published press release about new thermal interface material called Honeywell LTM6300-SP.

In a page long text a short message is being repeated over and over again in many different ways. ("New thermal interface material LTM6300-SP was developed.") That's it.

It would have been helpful if the press release had said anything significant about the performance characteristics of the material. Instead, it provided a link to a Honeywell Web site whose only reference to the material is the press release. Vicious circle.

Overall it's a common problem for many press releases.

Ideal press release as I see it:

-Name, part number and purpose of the product
-Quick list of most important features
-Availability date
-Link to a datasheet

One paragraph max.

It's time for PR people to realize, that "old school" press release format is not suitable for Internet era.

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