52 LED Lights Will be Designed in 52 weeks

52 LED Lights Will be Designed in 52 weeks

Kevin Willmorth, founder of Lumenique, started an interesting project. He will design 52 new SSL products in 52 weeks for 2010.

Kevin writes in his blog:
I will be developing a few wall and pendant products as the inspiration leads me. Of course in the course of one week, engineering documentation will be only what I need to execute the prototype, using Rhino CAD to lay out 3D models before making chips, and there will be no UL listing. However, every design will be completed by me including design, engineering, machining, fab, and finishing - which is a lot of fun.

The first weeks design is already complete and posted with details here.


24"L x 20"H x 6"W. Utilizes Lynk Labs 12VAC Tesla LEDs on 12" 12W SnapBrite strip with SnapDriver power supply. The reflector/heat sink extrusion was also provided by Lynk Labs. Custom on-off switch. Black wrinkle body, tumbled aluminum with clear coat, and matte white finishes. All finishes are powder coat.

All of the designs will be made available for sale to fund future work on the project through the Lumenique Product Center for anyone interested.

Nice New Year Resolution, Kevin. Good luck!

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