Voices for SSL Efficiency 2009

Voices for SSL Efficiency 2009

The DOE hosted a workshop Voices for SSL Efficiency 2009 in Chicago on July 13-15. Unfortunately for me it overlapped with SemiconWest 2009 which I attended in San Francisco.

In this post I will try to gather feedback from people who attended this event.

Ted Konnerth, Ergret Consulting
Several issues struck me as noteworthy:

Energy Planning. A representative of the State of California (the 8th largest economy in the world) gave an interesting talk about the impacts of clean technology and energy conservation. California enacted strict energy conservation legislation following the original 'gas shortages' in 1974. Since 1974, California's consumption of electricity has remained virtually flat; for 35 years! The US consumption has increased over 50% in that same timeframe.

- Energy requirements. The projected generation capacity required for the US over the next 10 years is an additional 135,000MW, solely to keep up with demand. Currently there are projected capacity additions that are in approval process to add 77,000MW, leaving a shortfall of 58,000MW to meet demand. 58,000MW is the equivalent of 110 power plants (typically coal or gas). The US would need 1 new plant every month for 10 years to meet that demand.

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