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The bsest answer to this frequent question.
Jeff Walters via LinkedIn
UL is not needed to sell to utilities in the USA. I have been designing and selling to this market since 1985. UL is not wr ...
A group of Dongge Ma from Chinese Academy of Sciences has reported an efficient way to increase the thickness of solution processed small molecule based electron-transmiting layer in yellow PLEDs. Sol ...

Research group of Thuc-Quen Nguen at UC Santa Barbara has published a study aimed to design anionic conjugated polyelectrolyte (CPE) that could enable improved temporal response through facilitati ...
Recently I was asked: "Are there any companies with LED manufacturing facilities in Europe?"
Here is what I've managed to find so far:
Osram Opto (factory in Regensburg)
Optogan with facil ...
The U.S. Department of Energy and its National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have released two technical reports that provide recommendations on how to achieve 50% energy savings in large office ...
In past years we all heard that efficient solid-state LEDs would allow to decrease the need for new power plants.
In paper published Thursday in the Journal of Physics D, researchers from Sandia Na ...
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