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In past years we all heard that efficient solid-state LEDs would allow to decrease the need for new power plants. In paper published Thursday in the Journal of Physics D, researchers from Sandia National Laboratories argue cheap efficient lighting can increase consumption. "Presented with the availability of cheaper light, humans may use more of it, as has happened over recent centuries with remarkable consistency following other lighting innovations," said Sandia lead researche
09/23/2010 11:30:43
Found it today browsing my scrap notes. "Tens of thousands of remote mining sites have sprung up mostly in Asia, Latin America and Africa, using as much as 1,000 tons of mercury each year... ...Mercury comes from the dozens of companies in Europe and the United States that recycle the metal from old light bulbs, batteries or industrial waste, according to the U.N. and the Zero Mercury Working Group."
10/17/2009 21:41:25

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