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A group of Dongge Ma from Chinese Academy of Sciences has reported an efficient way to increase the thickness of solution processed small molecule based electron-transmiting layer in yellow PLEDs. Solution-phase processing would be a highly desirable method of multilayer diode manufacturing as it's much easier and cheaper to perform. They have noted that commonly chosen electron-transmitting materials ( TmPyPB, TAZ and TPBL) can only produce...
03/14/2011 22:37:30
... Santa Barbara has published a study aimed to design anionic conjugated polyelectrolyte (CPE) that could enable improved temporal response through facilitation of ion motion. Such an improvement would be greatly beneficial for the development of better PLEDs based displays. They had designed their polyelectrolyte to contain ion-conducting polyethylene oxide pendant (PFPEOCO2Na) as electron injection layers (EILs). Pristine PLEDs containing PFPEOCO2Na exhibit luminance response times on the order of...
02/16/2011 22:08:12

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