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Will new sockets for LED non-retrofit lights emerge? What do you think?
01/12/2010 21:14:53
Luxeon I emitters are obsolete now. LED lighting pioneers either have to redesign their products or they can turn to Avago which offers cross-reference parts. Luxeon I emitters were the top technology few years ago. But I think it's time to move on.
11/18/2009 09:19:31
Recently Honeywell published press release about new thermal interface material called Honeywell LTM6300-SP. In a page long text a short message is being repeated over and over again in many different ways. ("New thermal interface material LTM6300-SP was developed.") That's it. It would have been helpful if the press release had said anything significant about the performance characteristics of the material. Instead, it provided a link to a Honeywell Web site whose only referen
09/18/2009 19:48:39

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