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Alpha-One Electronics Ltd.

Alpha-One’s featured product is high quality and high power LED with wide range of spectral peaks from ultraviolet and infrared rays in various packages. The main application is “light source of optical sensors”. Especially, the LED with unique wavelength (700nm~810nm) are widely used for precision instruments and medical analyzers. They are also applied to other fields such as data-transmission and industrial measuring equipments. Alpha-One‘s Infrared LED with high radiant intensity is suitable for a light source for CCD cameras.

In the application other than “sensors”, Alpha-One has recently introduced white LED module with original lens for backlight of billboard.

Alpha-One’s motto is “close service”. In order to cope with each customer’s requirement, the policy is to listen directly to the voices from the customers. In this sense, Alpha-One does not have any specific representatives in the countries other than Japan, but offers the best solution which would be satisfied by every customer all over the world. By utilizing existing LED chips, packages and optical lens, a semi-customized LED which does not appear in a catalogue of other manufacturers can be offered with a reasonable developing cost.

2-8-41 Chuoh
Ebina-city, Kanagawa-Pref. 243-0432

Phone: +81-46-292-7111
Fax: +81-46-292-7113


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Alpha-One Electronics Ltd.


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