LED Professional Symposium and Expo

LED Professional Symposium and Expo http://www.led-professional-symposium.com/

LpS (LED professional Symposium) aims to become Europe's foremost LED lighting technology meeting point for lighting experts in industry and research. The symposium covers LED/OLED lighting technologies for luminaries, lamps and modules focusing on new system approaches, new components and the most up to date design methodologies.
Topics covered:
•    Evolution of LED lighting systems
•    Technologies for increased efficiencies of white LED systems
•    Technologies for mixing LED light
•    Reliability of LED lighting systems
•    Standardization & measurement of LED lighting systems
•    Design approaches & tools of LED lighting systems
•    Cost & production process improvements for LED lighting systems
•    Intellectual properties
System areas covered:
•    Light generation
•    Primary & secondary optics
•    Driver ICs
•    Lighting driver modules
•    Cooling devices
•    Substrate, packaging & connection devices & materials
•    Lighting control modules
•    Lighting design tools & configurators covering optics,
electronics & thermal components
•    Measurement & calibrating equipment
•    Production methodologies & manufacturing tools
•    Intellectual properties
How physiological data and facts from the field of natural science  influence LED lighting technologies

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