Four Countries' Practical Use of Outdoor LEDs

Aug 4, 2011 The use of LEDs continues to spread as cities in China, Canada, the UK, and the US recognize their energy efficiency.

LED Roadway Lighting is now in charge of lighting the city of Edmonton (Canada) with 2580 Satellite series LED luminaries, which are expected to save 16,000,000 kWh. LEDs are also involved in Shenzhen, China, providing the SSL luminaries for lighting a 120-km stretch of highway. Las Vegas has also started a project replacing old streetlights with LED fixtures. It is expected to save $400,000 each year in energy spendings. Bristol, UK has also begun to utilize LEDs at its busy Hicks Gate roundabout between Bath and Bristol. Involved officials from the Somerset Council noted this use of LED technology would save money spent on energy and maintenance, as well as maintaining the integrity of the "light quality and driver safety".

These outdoor LEDs are expected to save money and energy in all four countries' projects.

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NanoMarkets Schedules Release a Series of Analysis Reports for Different Advanced Technologies

Aug 4, 2011 Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has announced that four new reports will be release in August, They would address functional inkjet inks, nanosilver, printed batteries and materials for radiation detection.  Additional releases related to OLED lighting manufacturing and next generation photovoltaic and thermoelectric power will be available  in September of 2011.

Research Highlights: Scientists from Rice University Prepare Graphene Based Material Applicable for Flexible OLEDS

Aug 4, 2011 Scientists from Rice University prepared thin hybrid metal-graphene electrodes - that outperform ITO electrodes. These electrodes are more transparent and less resistance to electric current. They can be used to create non-glass touch displays, transparent and flexible OLEDs, solar cells and lighting products.

Expert's Opinion on the Cree's TrueWhite® Technology Based Lamp Prototype

Aug 4, 2011 According to the recent interview  with Lux Research analyst Murray McCutcheon published by VentureBeat, despite the outstanding characteristics of the new Cree prototype lamp based on TrueWhite® Technology it may not be enough to tackle the industry and/or general consumer market  since the production costs are still too high.

Research Highlights: Reserch Group from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan Develops Long Lived Pure White OLEDS

Aug 4, 2011 In a recent article published by ACS Applied materials & Interfaces, a research group from Taiwan discusses development of novel pure white Organic Light-Emitting Diode with lifetime approaching the longevity of yellow emitter.

Beacon Completes LED Streetlight Project for City of Carmel, Indiana

Aug 3, 2011 Beacon Products has completed installation of LED Retrofit Kit with Direct V Optics into 800 downtown top lighting fixtures in Carmel, Indiana.

Philips Lighting North America wins DOE L Prize in 60-watt Replacement Category

Aug 3, 2011 The U.S. Department of Energy today announced that Philips Lighting North America has won the 60-watt replacement bulb category of the Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize (L Prize) competition.

McKinsey and Company Published the Lighting Market Report "Light the Way"

Aug 3, 2011 McKinsey has developed a lighting market model that estimates the size of the global lighting market through to 2020, differentiated by application, geography, and light-source technology. The report is based on a worldwide survey of lighting professionals and consumers, as well as other input factors.

LUXEON Rebel LEDs Receive Electron D’Or 2011 Award from ElectroniqueS

Aug 2, 2011 LUXEON Rebel LEDs  won the  Electron D’Or award from ElectroniqueS in Paris, France. Awardees in 13 different categories were recognized for excellence at this event.

Cree Launches New High-Performance XLamp® XT-E Royal Blue LED and Patent Licensing Program for Remote Phosphor Applications

Aug 2, 2011 Cree announced commercial launch of a new XLamp® XT-E Royal Blue LED optimized for use in remote-phosphor lighting  and similar applications. The new XLamp XT-E LED delivers the industry’s tightest wavelength bins combined with category-leading brightness to simplify remote-phosphor designs and lower system costs.

Cree Releases New Prototype with Outstanding Characteristics.

Aug 2, 2011 Cree announces a new prototype based on the Cree TrueWhite® Technology that would exceed OE’s 21st Century Lamp L PrizeSM Requirements.  It deliveres more than 1,300 lumens at 152 lumens per watt (LPW).  Use of the lighting of such efficiency nationwide could have brought US electricity consumption level back to the numbers of 1987 .

GE Energy Smart(R) LED will be available starting November 2011

Aug 1, 2011 GE Lighting will begin sales of a series of GE Energy Smart(R) LED incandescent replacement bulbs in next 16 months .

Philips Indonesia Sales Grow 20% in 2011.

Aug 1, 2011 PT Philips Indonesia, a subsidiary of Royal Philips Electronics, achieved a nearly 20%  sales growth in 2011.

Research Highlights: Scientists from Harvard University Report Synthesis of 3D Nano LEDs.

Jul 29, 2011 Charles Lieber and coworkers from the Departments of Chemistry and Engineering at Harvard University  have demonstrated general approach to the production of 3D branched nanowire heterostructures applicable for production of nanoscale LEDs, biosensors and logic circuits.

Lumiotech (Japan) will Start World Sales of OLEDs Based Lamps on September 1, 2011

Jul 29, 2011 According to the Lumiotech news release, the company will begin the sales of first mass produced OLEDs luminaries on September 1, 2011.

Philips Lumileds and Future Lighting Solutions will Start Asian Road Show on August 1, 2011.

Jul 29, 2011 Future Lighting Solutions and Philips Lumileds will embark on the highly anticipated Asia Road Show on August 1, 2011. They will provide attendees with seminars and hands-on experience with new LUXEON A and LUXEON S.

City of Edmonton Begins Replacement of Streetlights with Energy Efficient LED Luminaires

Jul 29, 2011 The City of Edmonton has started replacing old sodium-vapour streetlights with new, high-efficiency LED lights. This year they expect to replace 4,500 of the city streetlights and eventually get all 98,000 streetlights retrofit with LED units.

An Event You can't Afford to Miss: OLEDs World Summit 2011

Jul 29, 2011 Today, July 29, is the Early Bird registration deadline for the upcoming OLEDs World Summit. It will be held September 26-28, 2011 in San Francisco.The summit is presented by IntertechPira in conjunction with the OLED Association, and will cover both lighting and display applications.

Instrument Systems GmbH Reports Outstanding Financial Results

Jul 28, 2011 Instrument Systems GmbH reports 112% sales growth in 2011 business year.

Cape Town Demonstrates New LED lights Installed at the Stadium.

Jul 28, 2011 On Tuesday, July 26 2011 Cape Town Stadium had a demonstration of its new retrofit  energy efficient LED based lighting.

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