Dates Announced for Inaugural Silicone Elastomers US Conference

Aug 15, 2011 iSmithers has announced the launch of Silicone Elastomers US 2011. The conference will be held December 6-7, 2011, at the Hyatt Rosemont Hotel in Rosemont, IL, US.

Some of the topics discussed at the conference might be of interest to the LED optics manufacturers and novel LED lighting solutions developers.

The two-day Silicone Elastomers US 2011 conference will cover the length and breadth of the silicone elastomers supply chain, including current research developments and new usage opportunities. The application areas of silicone elastomers are widespread due to their extensive spectrum of high-performance qualities, including temperature stability, electrical resistance, chemical inertia and high biocompatibility. Since silicone elastomers are important materials for many application areas, the conference will examine some of their more prevalent usages, such as automotive, electric and electronics, gaskets, domestic appliances, cosmetics, fabric coatings and medical devices.

How White LEDs Differ in Color Rendering. A Study by Steve Bush

Aug 15, 2011 Electronics Weekly has recently  published an excellent article by Steve Bush bringing light to all the complicated nuances of white light classifications and colour rendering differences that you can observe using different white LEDs.

The author takes time to go back to basics of color rendering explaining the color classification system developed by Albert Munsell, followed by the definition and Color-Rendering Index (CRI), developed in the first half of 20th century, and by the explanation of LED color temperature. He consults with the three leading LED experts to explain how the white LED diodes are classified and what applications hay can be best at.

DOE Invests in 8th Round of SSL-based Research

Aug 12, 2011 The US Department of Energy (DOE) continues its role in LED technology development, focused on meeting "performance and cost targets of products for year 2020".

Interview on LED Mass Production Reveals Cost Problem and Solution

Aug 12, 2011 As LEDs gain popularity manufacturers will inevitably face the question brought up by mass production: How can they keep cost down without compromising on quality? In an interview with Kent Lu, the Regional Manager of Henkel Asia Pacific, a solution is investigated to this sticky situation. Mr. Lu's experience with the Asian Market and the industrial material business led to his analysis of the ways manufacturers can reduce cost through different adhesives each meant for unique purposes.

How to choose your lightbulb wisely? A study by Bob Tedeschi

Aug 12, 2011 A practical and exciting  consumer's guide to the galaxy of light bulbs has been published by Bob Tedeschi in the Seattle Times. The author highlighted the difficulties that buyers will be facing when trying to comply with the soon to be effective federal legislation to use more energy-efficient lights. He performed an extensive study based on the advices from leading industry experts and reported his results not only in the form of an article, but also as a "data at-a-glance" graphic.

Energy Focus to Host Conference Call and Webcast on August 15, 2011

Aug 12, 2011 Energy Focus has announced that it will discuss its financial results for the second quarter of 2011 and answer questions on Monday, August 15, 2011. The conference call will be held at 4:30 p.m. EDT (1:30 p.m. PDT). Dialing 1-888-523-1245 (US and Canada) or 1-719-457-2652 (International/Local) can access the call. The conference ID number is 7538564. Participants are asked to call the assigned number approximately 10 minutes before the conference call begins.

An instant replay of the conference call will be available through the investor relations section of the site starting August 15, 2011 and will remain available for 3 months. 
About Energy Focus, Inc.

Translucent Announced Commercial Availability of Virtual GaN (vGaN) Wafer Templates for Low-Cost Epitaxial Growth of GaN Devices

Aug 12, 2011 Translucent, Inc. announced the commercial availability of its vGaNTM family of silicon-based wafer templates. The vGaN products provide a low-cost, high- quality epitaxial surface for the growth of gallium nitride (GaN) devices such as light- emitting diodes (LEDs) or field-effect transistors (FETs).

Translucent Inc. is a subsidiary of Australian company Silex Systems Limited. Translucent is a materials technology company, founded in 2001, which has a focus on the electronics and solar markets. It  is a provider of rare-earth-oxide (REO) engineered silicon substrates for low-cost, high-performance epitaxial semiconductor applications.

City of Coimbatore, India Puts LED Technology to Use

Aug 11, 2011 Recent was the advent of sensitive LEDs, which could self-regulate their lighting levels based on the amount of natural daylight already available, and consequently conserving even more energy. Now, a city corporation in India is putting these LEDs to the test as a way to deal with their power conservation issues.

Company's Entrance into LED Industry Marked by Name Change

Aug 11, 2011 The LED industry has been growing steadily and this becomes apparent with heavy national investments in research both in China and Taiwan. Now,another heavy competitor enters the LED industry, its arrival symbolized by a simple name change.

FZLED Releases New PAR30-03: Long-life 12-Watt Bulbs With Cree LEDs

Aug 11, 2011 Today FZLED announced global release of the new 12-Watt  LED Bulbs power by Cree LEDs.It's a simple money-saving replacement for inefficient older lights in E26/E27 sockets. The new switch dimmable models can adjust brightness level by pressing the power on/off switch to step through the four options: 12%, 25%, 50%, or 100% of full light intensity. The TriAC dimmable version offers both low-voltage (AC 100-120V) and high-voltage (AC 220-240V) TriAC dimming. A non-dimmable version is also available.

Sharp Presents World's Most Efficient LED Ceiling Light

Aug 11, 2011 Sharp presented their most recent and advanced model of energy efficient LED lights, a square ceiling light. It is available in three models for small, medium, and large sized rooms. The new light is 1.6 times more energy efficient than previous LED ceiling lights, making it the most efficient in the industry. Sharp was able to obtain the superior results by combining direct illumination with the highly efficient LEDs used in LCD televisions.

SmartWatt Energy Completes LED Lighting Retrofit at Americold’s Russellville, AR Cold Storage Facility

Aug 11, 2011 According to SmartWatt Energy press release, it has recently completed the LED retrofit project for Americold’s Russellville, AR Cold Storage Facility. The project generates higher quality lighting while reducing overall lighting-related energy consumption by 690,000 kWh.

Cree Releases Fiscal Year and Fourth Quarter Report

Aug 10, 2011 In a time when stocks soar and plummet all on the same day, it is a comfort to see the climbing numbers of Cree's Fiscal Year 2011. The LED company has released its financial results for the fourth quarter and this year, ending on June 26, 2011 with positive results.

Another Color In the Rainbow: Luxeon Rebel Adds Deep Red to Its Spectrum

Aug 10, 2011 Within the LED market exist divisions, and within the color division there is the distinction between which wavelength can be produced by the LED. Philips Lumileds has broadened its attainable wavelength by adding deep red (650-670 nm) to its color spectrum, useful in horticulture and entertainment as well as the deep red some governments require in traffic lighting.

New Bask Blade LED Utility Lamp Released

Aug 10, 2011 Bask Blade has announced that the new Bask Blade LED utility lamp is available for worldwide sale at starting today. Lightweight and Durable LED Utility Lamp delivers brilliant illumination and
runs up to 50 hours on a single charge.

AcuityBrands Lamp Received "Best Specialty LED" Award at the LED Show

Aug 10, 2011 According to the company, the new acculamp™ AR111 LED lamp received TheLEDAward for Best Specialty Incandescent Replacement Lamp at the recently concluded TheLEDShow 2011 in Las Vegas. The annual event, which focuses on the progress of LED lighting sources, recognizes participating LED manufacturers that stand out among their peers. This year’s award emphasized both product aesthetics and performance.

Emergency Exit Signs by Best lighting Solutions have been Recalled

Aug 10, 2011 Consumer News Today has reported a recall of about 450 LED based Emergency exit signs (LHQM LED Exit Signs with Emergency Lights) manufactured by Best Lighting Products.  The recall has been initiated after ten incidents of signs malfunctioning during testing.

Bridgelux Sets a New Record in Highest Lumen-per-Watt Achieved with GaN-ON-Silicon Technology

Aug 10, 2011 Bridgelux has officially announced an exciting breakthrough result for highest Lumen per Watt values for Gallium Nitride on Silicon (GaN-on-Si). Using its proprietary buffer layer technology, the company has demonstrated growth of crack-free GaN layers on 8-inch silicon wafers, without bowing at room temperature, extending the company’s lead in driving the performance and manufacturability of GaN LEDs on silicon substrate.

LG Display Plans to Abandon Investment in Small and Medium OLED Displays and Focus on Large Panels

Aug 10, 2011 It has been reported that LG Display's CEO has announced the company's plan to focus on the development of large OLED panels aiming to produce 55" OLED TVs in 2012. initially planned production volume will be small (tens of thousands of units) in order to evaluate market demand. But the mass production will be kept in mind when setting up the technological process.

Visionox Begins AMOLED Mass Production Project

Aug 10, 2011 According to company's press release, Visionox has officially announced the launch of AMOLED (Active matrix organic light emitting display) industrial project. It is planning to invest a 4.5G above AMOLED production line which will go into operation in 2013.
Visionox became the first corporation in mainland China that has its own designed PMOLED (passive matrix organic light emitting display) production line as well as AMOLED production line.

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