Electrical Contractors Reveal Positive Views of LED in Survey

Aug 9, 2011 Lighting has an ongoing partnership with electricity and as such LEDs are tied to electricity too. This relationship makes the survey conducted by Electrical Contractor of 700 of its readers especially worth paying attention to, since the data shows the growing popularity of LEDs among these electrical contractors.

According to the publisher of Electrical Contractor, the popularity of LEDs burgeons as more electrical contractors learn about "the greater value they bring to their customers." These technicians are involved with lighting daily, as 97 percent of respondents said they work with indoor or outdoor fixtures, 95 percent with ballasts and 85 percent with controls. As those who play a significant role in the distribution of lights and the following setup, their opinions on LEDs and their potential are worth considering.

LUXdrive Releases New High Power Driver - A011 FlexBlockTM LED drive

Aug 9, 2011 According to press release, the device, configurable in either boost only or buck-boost modes, is ideal for driving the new high-brightness, high-power LEDs and LED arrays. It is available in 350mA and 700mA versions and, with the same small footprint and extremely low profile (2.0" x 1.2" x 0.38") as the previously announced A009 BuckBlockTM, the A011 is the smallest high current boost driver available.

The FlexBlockTM module operates from an input voltage of 10 to 32 VDC and provides a maximum output voltage of 48 VDC. In the buck-boost mode, the output voltage may be less than, equal to, or higher than the input voltage.

In many applications, it can be operated with no additional heat sinking. An attachment point for a thermocouple or other temperature sensor is indicated for ease in determining the need, if any, for additional heat sinking. Fully protected against reverse polarity, output short circuit, and ouput open circuit, the A011 is also fully dimmable and is compatible with many commercially available 0 to 10 VDC low voltage dimming controls.

The A011 can be used in a wide variety of LED lighting applications that include architectural, solar, accent, track, automotive, marine, desk and reading, point of purchase, signal and marker, cabin and display, and more.

Samples of the A011 FlexBlockTM are available either directly from LUXdriveTM or from its distributors. Please visit for a data sheet and further information.

Lumenpulse Receives $16M in Series A to Expand International Market Development and Enhance Product Line

Aug 9, 2011 According to the Lumenpulse press release,  the company has completed a $16 million Series A equity and debt round to be used to support the growth of Lumenpulse and to extend market and product development. This equity investment came from a select group of private investors and includes participation from the Company’s management and board of directors. In addition, this financing includes a new term loan and working capital line of credit from Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

13th China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) to Open on September 6, 2011

Aug 9, 2011 The China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) is a worldwide renowned exhibition, which presents the most advanced optoelectronic technologies and innovations. CIOE was established in 1999 in Shenzhen. This event has been held annually for the past twelve years at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the world's largest Optoelectronic expo, it has been an UFI-approved event since 2007.

Cree Stock to Watch or Buy During Downtime

Aug 8, 2011 As the markets plummeted on Monday, August 8, Cree stocks have fallen 8.04% reaching the price of $26.65. Yet many of the market analysts have graded Cree stock as "Buy" or "Watch". Cree has made it to the list of top U.S. Large Cap stocks with highest potential upside, calculated as the difference between price as of August 8, 2011 and Wall Street analysts' average target price. It received a ranking #103 among 977 evaluated companies and had a calculated upside potential of 55.9%. Also of note was that ON Semiconductor Corp. (ONNN) was ranked #52 with upside potential of 66.0%.

LEDs Conference by IntertechPira Returns In October

Aug 8, 2011 This Fall 2011 returns IntertechPira's 12th annual LEDs conference and exhibition, including frontrunners Cree, OSRAM, Philips, and more. For three days, the latest LED technology and applications, lighting designs and market expectations will be presented.

Live Webinar Discusses Design Challenges of LEDs with Carol Lenk

Aug 8, 2011 Upcoming this Wednesday there will be a "webinar' with speaker Carol Lenk about the design challenges associated with LEDs. While LEDs present a broad array of uses, there is also the aesthetic aspect to consider equally. Topics during the webinar will include how the process to design LEDs begins, what are some of the challenges that arise, and why LEDs will become a ubiquitous light source.

To Buy or Not to Buy: City of De Pere Tests LED Lights on the Claude Allouez Bridge

Aug 8, 2011 It has been reported that the three month testing of the LED lights on the south side of Claude Allouez Bridge in De Pere has come to an end. Now the city will analyze the data obtained for the LED fixtures from four different manufacturers and decide on the final contract.

GovEnergy Meeting and Trade Show has Opened in Cincinnati, Ohio

Aug 8, 2011 On Sunday, August 7, 2011  GovEnergy Meeting and Trade Show has opened up at Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. The event will run till August 10, 2011.

In addition to plenary sessions and workshops government officials will be attending the exhibition of over 200 companies, to learn about latest developments in energy-efficient solutions. A number of LED-based lighting solutions manufacturers will  be there, Philips Color Kinetics, Acuity Brands, Lusio Solid State Lighting to name just a few.

YMCA of Boise, Idaho Lit Up with LEDs

Aug 6, 2011 For the YMCA in Boise, Idaho, swimming was a gloomy experience--up until Bridgelux and SimplyLEDs stepped in to install custom LED retrofits. The old lights had burnt out, already not fully reflecting much light off the ceilings turned brown by chlorine exposure. "...It was heading toward a safety issue," noted Jim Everett, CEO of the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. To make things worse, the new lighting would have to be low-maintenance, and it would also have to function without tearing out the existing truss system for the lights.

Plans for Future Intelligent LED Lighting

Aug 6, 2011 Intelligent LED lighting is a developing technology in the LED market, with mainstream networks that can support dimming and control. This technology will take energy-efficient lighting to another level.

Osram Sylvania executive, Makarand Chipalkatti, gave the example that intelligent LEDs could one day adjust lighting based on which areas are occupied, saving 25% of energy. In other words, intelligent LEDs would "[supply] light only where it is required". Associate Professor Nadarajah Narendan also brought up that the key in developing these lights would be to include sensors, as well as including the ability to make the most of available daylight.

Taiwan Expo Focuses on LEDs Used for Plant Growth

Aug 5, 2011 Though LED is most known for its various uses as a source of lighting, the Photonics Festival in Taiwan focused on a different market LEDs play potentially significant role in.

For some time it has been known that plant photosynthesis is accelerated by blue wavelength light, the "spout and blossom" controlled by red, and the growth slowed down by ultraviolet light. LED light can project each of these wavelengths singularly, and this quality is what has attracted the attention of global manufacturers from the plant growth market.

China's, South Korea's, and Japan's Plans for LEDs

Aug 5, 2011 LEDs are expected to become more ubiquitous within the next four years thanks to Korea, Japan, and China and their new plans for furthering the presence of LEDs. These lights are involved in "a niche market" for MOCVD and semiconductor processing tool suppliers.

LUXdrive Released A009 BuckBlock LED Driver.

Aug 5, 2011 LUXdrive announced the full release of the A009 BuckBlock LED driver.

This device is a high output, constant current power module ideal for driving all types of high-brightness, high-power LEDs and is available in 1.0Amp, 1.4Amp and 2.1Amp versions. With a small footprint (2.0” x 1.2”) and extremely low profile (only 0.38”), the A009 is the smallest high current LED driver available.

The module operates with DC input voltages between 10 and 32 volts.
In many applications, it can be used with no additional heat sinking. Fully protected against reverse polarity, output short circuit and output open circuit, the A009 is also fully dimmable (0 – 10V) with both analog and PWM compatibility.

The A009 driver provides high efficiency and requires no external current limiting resistors. A fast response current-sensing circuit makes the BuckBlock an ideal solution for applications where flashing or strobe operation of LEDs is required.

It can be used in a huge number of LED lighting applications that include solar, landscape, architectural, track, automotive, marine, point of purchase, desk and reading, signal and marker, cabinet and display and much more.

Samples of the A009 BuckBlock are available either directly from LUXdrive or from our distributors. Please see our website for a data sheet and further information including contact details.

NEON-EK Presents SMD LEDs Based on EPISTAR Chips by REFOND Optoelectronics.

Aug 5, 2011 Neon-EK (Varna, Bulgaria) reported arrival of RF-INRA30DS- EB (warm white, 120 degree, 900 mcd) and и RF-WNRA30DS-EB (white, 120 degree, 1200 mcd) packaged in PLCC-2. The new products not only have high quality and low degradation, but also are affordably priced at $0.036.

For more information visit:

Cancer Center in Arizona Lights the "Lantern of Hope"

Aug 5, 2011 Cannon Design has posted beautiful pictures of one of their recently completed projects - "Lantern of Hope" for the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Arizona’s Southeast Valley. The Lantern will shine all night, every night, as a beacon of hope for cancer patients.

The Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center will be opened this September but its four-story architectural feature (it stands one floor higher than the center) already shines bright beginning from this Tuesday.

Energy Focus Will Supply IntelliTube™ LED lighting to the U.S. Navy

Aug 5, 2011 According to company's press release, Energy Focus, Inc. was  awarded $23 million supply contract to provide IntelliTube™ LED lighting to the U.S. Navy. It will allow to cut lighting energy costs by 50-90% and solve the problem of noise created by the old fluorescent tube lamps.

Bridgelux Raised $60 Million in Series E Funding

Aug 5, 2011 Bridgelux  reported successful Series E funding round on July 28, 2011. It has raised  $60 million from Craton Equity Partners.

They intend to use the money to accelerate R&D in key areas including GaN-on-Silicon development and LED chip-on-board packaging.

Additional Information can be found at:

Lunera Starts No-Money Down Lease Program for LED Lighting

Aug 5, 2011 Lunera, a Silicon Valley startup that designs and manufactures next-generation LED lighting, has decided to adapt the lease-to-purchase program that is already very successfully used by rooftop solar industry. On Thursday that revealed  the new program that allows commercial building owners retrofit their lighting for no money down. The lease is believed to be the first in the commercial lighting sector.

FZLED Reveals New Dimmable LED Indoor Light Series Utilizing Cree LEDs

Aug 4, 2011 FZLED unveiled on August 2 a new lines of high power Cree LEDs, true to its history as a manufacturer of high-performance LEDs. These new lights are intended to be "simple money-saving plug-and-play replacement[s]" for bulbs in E27/E26 sockets. The lights now offered will be dimmable/non-dimmable with a clear/frosted lens, and are an energy-efficient substitute for normal lights. The PAR38-03 series can cast a warm white or a cool white light on interior locations, depending on which model the customer chooses.

In addition, the dimmer switch will exist in four intervals, ranging from as low as 12% to the full 100% in light intensity. All models' beam angels will be adjustible, from 25 to 120 degrees, and will also accept any voltages from 100 to 240. This new line offers the best of both aspects of LED lighting: it is energy-saving (and eco-friendly) and provides high-brightness lighting.

Official Press Release and Pictures:

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