Supertex Releases New and Improved Automotive LED Driver - AT9919

Aug 24, 2011 Supertex announced release of the AT9919 LED driver for automotive applications that not only saves board space, but also improves system reliability. It incorporates hysteric control of LEDs and high side current sensing.

CRS Electronics Inks Supply Deal with Major Retailer

Aug 24, 2011 CRS Electronics (Canada),a developer and manufacturer of LED lighting, in an official press release has announced, that a supply agreement has been reached with a national leading North American Retailer ("Retailer") to launch the Energizer(R) LED program. The Agreement is subject to the Retailer's confidentiality policy which will allow CRS to name the retailer when the rollout begins.

New 18 Watt GL-DL08 LED Downlight Available from GlacialLight

Aug 23, 2011 GlacialLight, a division of the experienced technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc., in the official press release announced expansion of its Capella Series of LED products with the new GL‐DL08 LED Downlight. This high‐performance 8‐inch 18 Watt LED downlight is an all‐in‐one bulb and fixture for ease of installation.

Samsung Mobile Display and Unviersal Display Corporation Sign 6-Year Agreement

Aug 23, 2011 Universal Display Corporation (UDC), an organic LED manufacturer, and Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) have a long history of business deals between the two companies. The most recent and committing one is a licensing and sales deal to last six years.

Larson Electronics' Releases New Explosion-Proof LED

Aug 23, 2011 Larson Electronics has announced through its new explosion-proof emergency LED light, the EXP-EMG-12W-2L. Along with 90 minutes of back-up battery life in times of power failure, it has been approved a Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1 & 2 emergency light.

Ruud Lighting Brands to Stay Unchanged After Merger

Aug 23, 2011 It has been reported that Ruud Lighting Inc., recently acquired by Cree, will continue to manufacture BetaLED and Essentia brands.

LG Denies Rumors on Deal with Apple for OLED TV

Aug 23, 2011 Korea Times has reported that based on the insight from sources intimately involved with the matter, Apple will not be seeking supply of LG OLED screens for its upcoming televisions. Apple is currently concerned with the high costs involved in the production of large OLED screens as well as other issues including limited life span, color balance-related issues and efficiency of blue OLED, critical for the viable replacement of LED-based displays with OLED.

Osram Files LED lawsuits against LG and Samsung

Aug 23, 2011 Osram (Germany) has reported that it has filed a patent infringement complaint in South Korea against LG and Samsung. Osram believes that LG and Samsung have violated patents on LED lighting commonly used in TV sets and computer displays.

Elemental LED Cuts Down Prices on LED Replacement Bulbs - Tess Bulbs

Aug 23, 2011 Elemental LED, a San Francisco based LED lighting company, has announced the price cut for its Tess Bulbs.  THe TEss bulbs are the LED Replacement bulbs that have standard e26/27 screw-in base and are using Cree LEDs. 6W Tess Bulbs, a replacement for standard incandescent 30W bulbs are now $17.99 (down from $29.99). 7W Tess Bulbs, equivalent to 40W incandescent bulbs, are now $19.99 (down from $34.99). 9W Tess Bulbs, a 60W replacement, are now $21.99 (down from $39.99).

Strategies Unlimited Analysis Report on LED Outdoor and Area Lighting : US market takes the lead

Aug 23, 2011 Strategies Unlimited has recently released for sale its "LED Outdoor and Area Lighting: Market Analysis and Forecast".  They come to the conclusion the the US market has taken the lead in proving the potential of LED outdoor and area lighting.

Kingsun Completes Taiyuan Bridge-Lighting Project

Aug 22, 2011 Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd, finished an intricate project lighting the southern central loop bridge in Taiyuan, China at the end of this July 2011. Products like those used in the innovative Taiyuan project will be seen at the Expo Central China 2011 (this upcoming September).

Encelium Technologies Will Have an Exposition at IIDEX/NeoCon Canada in September

Aug 22, 2011 According to recent press release, Encelium Technologies will showcase its innovative energy management and lighting control systems at IIDEX/NeoCon Canada, Booth #121, on Thursday, September 22 and Friday, September 23, at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, Canada. At the exposition, attendees will get an insider’s look at Encelium’s new Polaris 3D, its next generation of lighting control software for the company’s Energy Control System™ (ECS).

Metis LED Chandelier Lights for Hotels and Boutiques

Aug 22, 2011 According to recent press release, Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT) has announced that its superior Metis LED Chandelier Lights have been ordered  by a number of high-end hotels and boutique stores in South Asia. ALT has signed project deal with five star chain-hotel operation head-quartered in Singapore, and is also negotiating orders from other  hotel branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. The negotiations are expected to be settled down in 2012.

Foiled aluminum for PCB production from Polytronics Technology Corporation

Aug 22, 2011 According to compnay's press release, NEON-EK introduced foiled aluminum for PCB production from Polytronics Technology Corporation. The main characteristic of this material is high thermal conductivity. It is 20 times higher than traditional epoxy system that allows applying it in systems with intensive heating. While PCB based on Polytronics foiled aluminum is affected by high temperature, it saves its form and has no bending.

Traxon App: Free interactive product catalog and showcase with a map

Aug 22, 2011 Beginning from spring this year Traxon Technologies have released its interective application for those interested in LED products.
The Traxon Technologies has placed its product catalogue into  the iTunes App Store. It is a free application that allows  you experience the company’s showcases and products in an interactive and dynamic way. Users could search any showcases by categories or could locate them any where in the world with the built in map. Product information could then been cross-referenced from any showcases, and detail technical specification and photometric data of could be obtained on the fly!

OLED Market Study Reveals Industry Will Reach $5.2 Billion

Aug 19, 2011 recently announced a new report of a study of the OLED lighting market concluding it will reach $5.2 billion.

FuturoLighting Introduces The Aurora with Life Expectancy Over 50,000 Hours

Aug 19, 2011 FuturoLighting has unveiled its latest LED model the Aurora, an autonomous lighting system both energy-efficient and long-lasting with a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours.

City of San Antonio Council Decides on LED Lights for Holiday Season

Aug 19, 2011 It has been reported that the City Council of San Antonio has approved the plan for LED lights to be used along the River Walk this holiday season.

SavWatt LED Lights to Become Water and Dirt Resistan

Aug 19, 2011 According to company's press release, SavWatt USA announced today that it has entered into an exclusive worldwide license for LED lights utilizing P2i's liquid repellent nano-coating technology, see . P2i, the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology, has won an International Stevie Award for 2011's 'Most Innovative Company in Europe' at the 2011 International Business Awards (IBAs), in recognition of how the company's revolutionary technology challenges the way people think about everyday conventional liquid protection.

China's LED Market Grows to Nearly $6 Billion

Aug 18, 2011 Though some LED markets seem to taking a turn for the worse, the Chinese LED Industry as done just the opposite. In fact, the country's LED market has gone up to $5.8 billion in 2011, 23% higher than last year's $4.7 million.

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Lighting Japan: 4th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo Lighting Japan: 4th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo
LIGHTING JAPAN-4th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo covers all the LED/OLED lighting products/technologies from materials/components, manufacturing equipment to lighting fixtures.

The 10th China (Shanghai) International LED Exhibition 2011
The 10th China (Shanghai) International LED Exhibition Will be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention& Exhibition Center from Dec. 20th and Dec. 22nd of 2011, where buyers at home and abroad will attnd and well-known companies of the industry will present.

Forum LED Europe Forum LED Europe
For the third consecutive year ForumLED Europe, international congress and exhibition focusing on LED innovations will bring together the key player of the LED sector and the leading companies in the industry.

Latest Articles

Case Study: Pleasanton Library cuts lighting energy use 46% with wireless lighting controls and fixture retrofits 12/06/2011 Case Study: Pleasanton Library cuts lighting energy use 46% with wireless lighting controls and fixture retrofits
Adura Technologies provides technical details and discusses lighting retrofit challenges involved into the installation of their advanced lighting control wireless system at Pleasanton Public Library.

Exclusive Interview with Eran Fine, Oree Inc. 11/15/2011 Exclusive Interview with Eran Fine, Oree Inc.
Exclusive interview with Eran Fine, co-founder and president of Oree Inc.

Exclusive Interview with Rudi Hechfellner and Chad Stalker, Philips Lumileds Lighting 11/11/2011 Exclusive Interview with Rudi Hechfellner and Chad Stalker, Philips Lumileds Lighting
LEDs Review received an opportunity for an exclusive interview with Rudi Hechfellner and Chad Stalker, LC from Philips Lumileds Lighting.

Interview with Gary Manche, Ocean Optics 11/11/2011 Interview with Gary Manche, Ocean Optics
Exclusive interview with Gary Manche, Director of Training at Ocean Optics.

Interview with Julian Carey, Director of Marketing at Intematix 11/06/2011 Interview with Julian Carey, Director of Marketing at Intematix
Exclusive interview with Julian Carey, Director of Marketing at Intematix.  

LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Rebel ES Assembly and Handling 09/22/2011 LUXEON Rebel and LUXEON Rebel ES Assembly and Handling
A very handy paper from Philips Lumileds detailing recommended board designs and assembly procedures for LUXEON® Rebel LEDs and highly efficient LUXEON Rebel ES* LEDs (part # LXML-PWN2 and LXML-PWC2).

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) Chart 09/19/2011 Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) Chart
A nice illustration of the relevance of color temperature provided by Lighting Science Group.

Dimmable LED Lighting Made Easy with National Semiconductor, Arrow, and Cree 11/27/2009 Dimmable LED Lighting Made Easy with National Semiconductor, Arrow, and Cree
Designers of lighting systems have had a challenging time dimming every light source technology developed beyond the filament-based lamp. Dimming is critical in many applications because it allows the setting of an appropriate and desired level of light as well as significant energy savings.

Efficient LED  Headlights even more important for electric cars 10/27/2009 Efficient LED Headlights even more important for electric cars
Osram’s LED technology will contribute to the energy efficiency of Volkswagen’s L1 concept car, which according to Volkswagen can go into production in 2013, has headlights that are equipped with new Osram Joule JFL2 LED systems and matching reflectors.

Elimination of Binning and Enhanced CCT Control 09/15/2009 Elimination of Binning and Enhanced CCT Control
Enfis has developed a patented vari-CCT technology that enables tuneable white light of very high CRI guaranteed to be controlled to within tight CCT limits.

09/09/2009 The Appropriateness and Effects of Color Rendering in Outdoor Illumination Applications
Few topics have been more confusing than color rendering, and with the rapid advancement of power LEDs in lighting applications, it’s clear that there’s much work to be done and that the specification community should take care in approaching the subject.

08/27/2009 Celsia helps keeping LED lights cool
Celsia NanoSpreaders were developed with one simple goal in mind: cool today's silicon chips, LEDs, LCDs, and other electronic components better than any other technology in its price band.

07/29/2009 Selling LEDs: The Time is Now
A new survey on the adoption of LED lighting in the marketplace shows that full-line electrical distributors and lighting specialists are already starting to play major roles in the sale and marketing of LED lighting products to end users.

06/29/2009 Illuminance - recommended light levels
Recommended light levels - illuminance - for some common types of working activities.

Preview: Molex Transcend RM2 and PM3 LED modules 06/26/2009 Preview: Molex Transcend RM2 and PM3 LED modules
Transcend is a line of self-contained, pluggable light modules based on the Acriche 4W AC LED from Seoul Semiconductor.

04/03/2009 Common LED Types and Packages
Diagrams of typical LED structures shown. Difference between "conventional" and high power LED explained.

03/18/2009 Candela to lumen conversion wizard
This calculator allows you to do an approximate conversion between millicandelas (or candelas) and lumens for an LED where you know the beam angle.

Review: Ledfolio PaneLux 2x2 01/12/2009 Review: Ledfolio PaneLux 2x2
The paneLux is the flagship product of LED folio. It was designed to replace standard 2' x 2' fluorescent fixtures in office buildings. Brilliant idea. The result, however, is a bit controversial.

Comparison: Edixeon Federal vs. Luxeon Rebel vs. Cree XP-E LEDs 12/02/2008 Comparison: Edixeon Federal vs. Luxeon Rebel vs. Cree XP-E LEDs
Edison Opto have launched a new series of super compact high brightness LEDs: Edixeon Federal. Brief glance at the specs and pictures makes it obvious: Luxeon Rebel now have one more competitor.

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