Aurora Lighting to Partner With Ledzworld Technology

Jul 22, 2010 Aurora Lighting has announced an exclusive partnership with Ledzworld Technology, becoming European distributor for a new line of professional LED solutions. The new lamp series has been developed in the Netherlands and Malaysia and comprises an array of halogen and incandescent lamp replacements.

New iTHERM-100 System From Advanced Thermal Solutions

Jul 22, 2010 Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has introduced the iTHERM-100™ Test Station, a turnkey system of laboratory instruments and sensors for studies that require precise air flow velocity and temperature measurement. Applications include thermal management studies on boards, heat sinks, fans, ATCA cards, and racks.

WAC Lighting’s LEDme Quick Connect Socket Sets

Jul 22, 2010 WAC Lighting, lighting manufacturer and designer, unveils LEDme Quick Connect Socket Sets utilizing the latest LED technology.

Crystal is, inc. Announces World's Best-performing Ultraviolet LEDs for Clean Water

Jul 21, 2010 Crystal IS, Inc. designed world's best-performing ultraviolet LEDs at the optimal germicidal wavelength, 250nm. The unique diodes are fabricated on a proprietary AlN substrate.

Hella Eco StreetLight

Jul 21, 2010 Hella reveals a new line of "Green" LED street-lighting products, aiming at replacing conventional lighting on streets, parking lots and commercial property over North America.

New Chip Platform from Osram Increases LED Efficiency by 30%

Jul 21, 2010 Developers at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors have succeeded in increasing the efficiency of red thin-film LEDs by 30% – a new record.

General Electric partners with Konica Minolta to make OLED lighting breakthrough

Jul 21, 2010 General Electric and Konica Minolta have achieved 56 lumens-per-watt efficiency, proving that flexible, white OLED lighting devices can be made at low cost using "solution-coatable" materials.They plan to manufacture OLEDs using high-speed, roll-to-roll processes rather than the vacuum-based batch processes in the OLED display industry.

Cree Multichip XLamp MP-L and MC-E EasyWhite LEDs

Jul 21, 2010 Cree reveals the industry's smallest warm and neutral bins,multichip XLamp® MP-L and MC-E EasyWhite™ LEDs.

TSMC to set up new Taiwan plant

Jul 21, 2010 TSMC will set up a new plant with more than $9.4 billion in Taichung, Taiwan. The new plant has a total site area of 18.4ha and will have a building area of 430,000sqm and clean room area of 104,000sqm. It's reported to create 8,000 jobs over the next few years.

A spherical LED screen at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China

Jul 21, 2010 A spherical screen made with one million LEDs is shown at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. It’s designed and manufactured by Opto Tech Corp, a business partner of Nichia Corp.

ON Semiconductor to Acquire SANYO Semiconductor from SANYO Electric in Strategic Transaction

Jul 20, 2010 ON Semiconductor Corporation  and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. announced the signing of a definitive purchase agreement providing for the acquisition of SANYO Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SANYO Electric, and other assets related to SANYO Electric's semiconductor business, by ON Semiconductor in a cash and stock transaction with a purchase price of approximately $366 million (¥33.0 billion), subject to adjustment pursuant to the terms of the transaction. Based on the most recently completed quarter, SANYO Semiconductor's annualized revenue was approximately $1.2 billion and the annualized revenue of the combined entity would be approximately $3.5 billion. The acquisition is expected to be completed before the end of 2010.

A pair of fiber optic heels lit by a LED

Jul 20, 2010 Italian designer Francesca Castagnacci created a pair of heels which were made from strands of fiber optics as thin as human hair and lit by a LED.

Sharp Introduces 6 LED Bulbs in 3 Types into the Japanese Market

Jul 20, 2010 Sharp Corporation introduces into the Japanese market six new LED lamp models.

i2Systems Delivers LED Elevator Downlights

Jul 20, 2010 i2Systems is now shipping the first solid state elevator downlights to be rolled out in volume - Apeiron A1161.

Kremlin Palace Is One The Largest Architectural LED Installations Worldwide

Jul 20, 2010 The State Kremlin Palace, a famous center for Russia’s political and cultural life, has been updated and remodeled by architects from the studio OTASH.

New LED Driver from eldoLED - LINEARdrive DC 100

Jul 19, 2010 eldoLED introduced a new LED driver - the LINEARdrive DC 100, which  targets at lighting applications that use a large number of low-power LEDs and meet UL Class 2 requirements for the North American lighting market.

HEICO Lighting Expands its Contactless LED Series

Jul 19, 2010 HEICO Lighting has released the D-LEDbar – special offer for casinos, hotels, resorts, and commercial and residential applications. D-LEDbar™ can also be used in a variety of retail and architectural applications such as display lighting, cove lighting, accents & perimeters, kitchen countertops, refrigerated displays, glass door freezers, task lighting, etc..

EV Group's First Fully Automated Wafer Bonding System for High-Brightness LED Manufacturing

Jul 19, 2010 EV Group (EVG) announced that it has introduced the EVG560HBL wafer bonder-the industry's first fully automated wafer bonding system for high-brightness light emitting diode (HB-LED) manufacturing.  The system features a new design for multi-substrate bonding and is capable of throughput rates of 160 bonds per hour.  

Powerball HCI-TX/P by OSRAM is the smallest discharge lamp with explosion protection

Jul 19, 2010 The new OSRAM Powerball HCI-TX/P high intensity discharge lamp with a round ceramic burner is very safe thanks to its explosion protection.

FOS Distributes LumenPulse in UK and Ireland

Jul 14, 2010 Leeds-based Fibre Optic Systems has announced the availability of the range of LED luminaires from Canadian manufacturer, Lumenpulse. FOS has taken on the distribution for the UK and Ireland.

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The 10th China (Shanghai) International LED Exhibition 2011
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For the third consecutive year ForumLED Europe, international congress and exhibition focusing on LED innovations will bring together the key player of the LED sector and the leading companies in the industry.

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