OSRAM Illuminates the World-famous Monument Using the Latest LED Technology

Mar 14, 2011 On the 80th anniversary of the "Monumento Cristo Redentor", the world-famous statue of Christ on Mount Corcovado, OSRAM will be providing the structure with an advanced lighting system. Henceforth, 300 LED projectors will be enhancing the landmark of Rio de Janeiro. The illuminations were on view for the first time on March 1.

Osram replaced the old lighting system with 300 advanced LED projectors from its subsidiary Traxon Technologies, installing them on the monument and in the immediate vicinity. The high-output LED spots are fitted with a special lens which permits particularly precise spotlighting in alternating colors and different light qualities. The innovative system also has a special control system known as the "Lighting Control Engine", with which each and every LED projector can be individually aimed and adjusted in terms of color and light intensity.

Developed by renowned light designer Peter Gasper, the entire system is simple and flexible in operation. It can be programmed as well as activated and deactivated via the Internet or a mobile phone. If there is a power cut, a generator switches on automatically, ensuring that the system continues to operate in the selected lighting mode.

OSRAM will be responsible for maintaining the new lighting system over the next two years. OSRAM is being supported in this project by the municipality of Rio de Janeiro and the archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro.


Author:  BIO T&T

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