Panasonic debuts 85 lm/W dimmable LED light bulbs

Sep 10, 2009

Panasonic Corporation today unveiled bulb-shaped LED lamps, the latest addition to its EVERLEDS LED lighting products.

The new products use Panasonic's own heat dissipation technology to increase the bulb's energy-efficiency. By applying alumite treatment to the surface, Panasonic successfully increased heat dissipation to lower the temperate of the LED package.

Combining this technology with the design which tightly joins the LED package and the casing, the company has achieved the industry's highest energy efficiency in LED bulbs. The standard type LDA7D-A1 LED bulb, which produces the brightness equivalent to a 40 W incandescent lamp when used without fixtures, has luminous efficiency of 82.6 lm/W and LDA4D-A1, which produces the brightness equivalent to a 30 W incandescent lamp, has luminous efficiency of 85.0 lm/W.

Panasonic Everled LED bulb

When used as a downlight, the 6.9 and 7.6 W standard type LED bulbs deliver the brightness equivalent to 60 W incandescent bulbs. The 4.0 W standard and 5.5 W compact LED bulbs produce the output comparable to 40 W incandescents.

Panasonic LED bulbs are one of the lightest  and most compact in the industry. The standard size E26 base bulb weighs only 100 g and the compact size E17 base bulb weighs 50 g. Industry's first E17 base LED bulbs will easily fit into existing fixtures with which other replacement bulbs did not physically match.

The 7.6 W standard type and the 5.5 W compact type LED bulbs can be dimmed from 10 to 100 percent.

Available in "Daylight" and warm "Lamp" colors, they will go on sale in Japan on October 21. Prices start from 4,000 Yen (US$44) for standard LED bulb and 5,000 Yen (US$55) compact E17 version.

E26 Screw, 105mm length, 55mm Diameter
E17 Screw , 72mm length, 40mm Diameter

Input Power,
Color Temperature
LDA4L-A1465260-E2640,000Warm White
LDA7L-A16.965450-E2640,000Warm White
LDA8L-A1/D7.65642510-100%E2640,000Warm White
LDA6L-E17-A15.54223010-100%E1720,000Warm White

Author:  Yaroslav Oleksenko

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